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Presales Tech Support

Postby redmondsau » Fri Aug 25, 2017 4:03 am

I have the opportunity to supply a camera solution to a client. However I am more an IT background and have only played with iSpyConnect once several years ago, and so would seek some advice.

My client is not so much looking for a security solution as a time lapse video of a construction site.

They have asked me to propose a solution that will allow for the creation of time lapse videos from 2 4K cameras. They would also like the ability to view live streams of the cameras from time to time but do not require and full & proper recording.

I was hoping I could get some advice on the following
1. Is iSpyConnect the right software for the job?
2. Recommended Server specs for 2x 4k cameras?
3. Should I capture in time lapse, or full video and then create a time lapse after the fact. The construction period may be in excess of 1 year and so I would be concerned about file size of data captured in Full Video.
4. Can I capture in Time Lapse then host live video separately?
5. How will the choice of Full Video/Time Lapse capture affect the above server requirements.
6. By my calculations if they want a 5 min frame lapse video that captures 10hrs/5days/48wks this would require 2.5 frames/min. Is that correct?

Thank you for any assistance you can offer


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Re: Presales Tech Support

Postby jlchaves » Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:00 am

Hello Redmonds,

I would probably still record video and make a timelapse out of it; a really low framerate would probably do in your case, e.g. 5 fps (maybe even 1 fps). Storage nowadays is cheap, just make sure you double up in case the hardware dies (e.g. 2 computers running iSpy feeding off both cameras).

Computer specs - modest hardware should be ok, e.g. I use old Core2 machines for iSpy. I recommend v6.5.8.0 for older hardware, the later versions are a bit "heavier" on the CPU.

4k video is a bit more demanding on the network so ensure you have wired connections or FAST WiFi (e.g. 5GHz 2x2 or better) all the way to the cams. Tweak framerates to suit.

Hosting live video is a bit trickier, if your cameras have this feature independent of iSpy I would recommend going that route (e.g. D-Link's myDlink app).

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