Virtual Webcam Driver only showing the star wars screen

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Virtual Webcam Driver only showing the star wars screen

Postby MissYapp » Sat Apr 08, 2017 5:16 am

I see years of the same issue without a solution, hoping for new blood :)
Just got my first webcam, I want to use it for skype/viber/hangouts etc. To talk to nieces, nephews and job interviews as I am in a remote location. I've worked out green screening with OBS Studio and want a virtual webcam to capture one of my monitors and feed this into video apps.
1. Like numerous other posts without an answer iSpy stops responding at the logging in point for Skype. I’ve done all the reinstalling and deleting iSpy from the registry etc

2. I have an iSpy successfully captured Display showing my OBS studio output (me green-screened) .. I am chuffed I have made it to here.

3. In Hangouts video call I don't get my captured video described in 2 .. I get that star wars shooting stars screen instead, same with other apps .. I only have one camera in iSpy & it appears to be the default camera. I am missing the linking of the virtual cam and my screen capture

4. Tried some commercial virtualcams so far but their trials are so limited I have no clue what my quality would look like in a professional interview situation and the AU$70 for ManyCam is too much to try on a maybe... These applications really do just work.

So my question is ... is iSpy a suitable option for me and if not any suggestions are welcome.

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