Motion Detection sensitivity?

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Motion Detection sensitivity?

Postby My_cam » Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:04 pm

I am trying to get the motion detection to work properly in iSpy.
I have "Two Frames" set and 15 to 100 Trigger range. I am using
the latest version of iSpy.

The motion detect is too sensitive and not sensitive enough. Small
changes in the scene trigger trigger it but me walking down my
driveway does not. Changes in lighting as the sun shines through the
trees causes a trigger. I can adjust the settings but it only gets

There are two settings that it needs:

Time duration: The disturbance must last more than "X" seconds before
the motion detector is triggered.

Disturbance size: I need to set an area size that must be disturbed before
the detector is triggered. Currently it seems that changes in only a few
pixels triggers the motion detector.

It would be great if the direction of the disturbance could be measured
and triggered on that basis. Disturbances that just bounce around the
same location are not likely to be a security issue.

Motion detection should operate on more than just two frames. Multiple
frames should be averaged and changes that indicate motion in a
particular direction should the cause of a trigger. This would be
effective at noise reduction.


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