Recording issues since upgrade to 64v6.9.1.0

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Recording issues since upgrade to 64v6.9.1.0

Postby RitaG » Tue Jan 23, 2018 5:14 am

Hi since upgrading to iSpy 64 v6.9.1.0 I have experienced several issues.
1) I am not able to get the camera to detect movement from left to right for recording.
It will record if I hit the record button manually from this position, but not automatically.
I have fiddled around with the detection zone, but no luck.
2) It has also stopped recording humans just walking past at say 8-10 metres and will only pick up cars and windy conditions :?
I haven't changed the location of the camera at all and I have reset it it etc numerous times.
3) I have also noticed that the surveillance screen is dropping out, especially when I turn my microwave (cooking appliance) on.
None of these issues happened with previous versions.
The other issue I have noticed (with several versions) is that at times, I am unable to get a particular camera online, no matter what I do a particular camera won't start up. This has happened with all 3 of my cameras.
Many times I have to delete the camera, and re add it using the IP wizard where I find that my IP address for each camera has changed.
I then log into MyDlink and note that the cameras are running but they have a different IP address to the one that iSpy says they are linked to???
On the upside, I have noticed that playback recording is much clearer than it had become with subsequent upgrades, so thank you for that iSpy techhos. It got to a stage where it was recording what looked like impressionist landscape paintings :lol:

I have 3 cameras all connected but only ever really monitor one, the front of house camera runs almost 16hrs for monitoring purposes and recording.
The other two I general use when I am away from home, remotely.
My cameras are DLink cloud camera, 2 are 5 years old and one a few months old.
I hope someone can help me with these issues please.
Thanks heaps, Rita.

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