Build without the installer

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Build without the installer

Postby AaronPeterson » Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:10 am

I'm poking about with an old computer, and I suppose I have a windows license for this computer, but I'd much rather use Wine. The Wine install fails, and I've tried to follow the log, and I sort of get the feeling that things might work without the installer...

I started looking at the source and stuff, but I'm mostly wondering if someone has built it in a way that a few manual steps could be taken to install it.

I've poked about the ispyinstaller but I didn't get the .msi file that the log file complained about.

Basically, I'm done with windows... windows 10 is designed to destroy people's data.. (rebooting at 3am when a term project inspiration occurs, nuking work unapologetically... Also, Mac's are just plain unusable. (I bought one, OH MY GOODness the UI is a chopped up mess)... So, I'm stuck with KDE5, which has it's own quirks... but is more survivable after configuration... So, what does it take to get this to work in Wine? I suspect just a few small tweaks... The ReoLink Client now works in Wine pretty well. This is a really slow computer, and the cpu gets pegged to 100 percent... but it works!

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Re: Build without the installer

Postby jlchaves » Sat Sep 09, 2017 8:03 am

Hello Aaron,

I found that if you copy a few directories and import registry keys from a working install onto a target system iSpy will work just fine.

C:\Program Files\iSpy

Registry keys

The catch obviously is you need to have at least one Windows machine on which to install iSpy, and I bet the file layout on the target system will have to mirror the source.

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