Multiple desktop windows?

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Multiple desktop windows?

Postby bpsmicro » Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:30 pm

My primary use of iSpy is monitoring of multiple cameras on my desktop (plus the motion-detection & recording).

Right now the desktop app is implemented as MDI, so there's the "main" window, and then child windows for each camera that needs to sit inside the main window. To have the camera windows large enough to see stuff, there's a lot of overlap (or I need to expand the main window so it covers everything else I'm trying to do).

I'd love to see this migrated to an SDI app, so that the individual camera windows can be moved outside the confines of a "parent" and placed anywhere on my desktop. The original main window can just be a tiny thing holding the menu bar and related, or perhaps doesn't need to exist at all!


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