Motion Detection Sensitivity Variable With Time

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Motion Detection Sensitivity Variable With Time

Postby Shadders » Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:50 pm


My suggestion is that the sensitivity for motion detection is varied according to the time of day to compensate for scene illumination. As such, when the scene is dark (night time) the sensitivity can be increased, and at a preset time the minimum sensitivity is increased (daytime).

I have a Swann Security system, and the motion detection is atrocious. It cannot cope with changes in illumination of the scene - such as sun/cloud cover variances, misses obvious moving objects (seems to colour dependency), and captures motion for no visible reason. The mouse regularly locks up - which i assume is due to the insufficient hardware specification to cope with the 1080p data rate. I have only 1 camera connected and there are 4 input ports - so the system is rather poor performance.

For the above, iSPY is excellent - have used a USB camera - with two frames detection and the motion detection has excellent results. Planning to use an IP connected camera with low light level capability to replace the Swann system.



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