FFmpeg -- background processing

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FFmpeg -- background processing

Postby kadamik » Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:47 pm

I have been using Ispy for about 1 month now. I am having great results so far. I have 7 HP cameras and it is only using 20 percent of my cpus. The problem I have is the spike I get when I have 2 - 3 cameras record at the same time.
2 things that I can think of that might help me and a lot of other people

1. a delayed encoding process. Let Ispy write the full AVI file to the disk and then process the encode when the system has more resources
2. Put a governor on the FFmpeg process. If we had the option to use 1 - 8 threads that could slow down the ffmpeg encoding and conserve resources. I understand that it would take longer to encode, but waiting an extra 5 - 10 minutes would not be that big of a deal and it would really help cut down on processing.

Do you think either of those 2 ideas would work? I prefer the 2nd one but I am not a coder and have no idea where to start. I did find the FFmpeg readme file, and you can request thread count. (ffmpeg - thread 1) I tested it and it worked great. Without the thread aug the processor was at 99 with the aug it was at 44. I still want Ispy to run unrestricted, just want to put a governor on ffmpeg.

let me know

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Re: FFmpeg -- background processing

Postby jlchaves » Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:44 pm

I just use the VLC plugin, it's easier on the CPU =)

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