connect to Alecto DVC 125IP

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connect to Alecto DVC 125IP

Postby ardonian » Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:50 pm

Hi there,

Didn't know where to post this one, but found another possibility to connect to an Alecto DVC 125IP and thought it should be added to the Camera Connection Database? Therefor I am making this post. Or does somebody know where this post should be directed to?
The rtsp is
rtsp://[IP]:[PORT]/live/av0?user=admin&passwd=admin (seems to be of HD-res)
rtsp://[IP]:[PORT]/live/av1?user=admin&passwd=admin (seems to be of lower resolution)
my port was 554, not sure if they are different for other system? (kinda inexperienced with these things)

and I found it very easily through the ONVIF Device Manager ( or ... meranvrdvr )


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