Can't connect Daytech DT-C101A IP Camera

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Can't connect Daytech DT-C101A IP Camera

Postby virtualexx » Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:01 pm

I'm trying to connect Daytech DT-C101A IP camera. I see previous Daytech cameras in the database and assume this one has similar configuration as FFMPEG rtsp://name:pass@ip /onvif1. I use device ID as the name as far as the name isn't specified anywhere. The camera connected to the router via the cable and is available through Yoosee and CMS apps. But iSpy scanner doesn't see it. Here's how I try to search (I wasn't able to upload pictures here) so I put them on the GD ... VOvN7MZK1N . The scanner never stops scanning and offers nothing.

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