Got my Chinese PTZ camera to work!

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Got my Chinese PTZ camera to work!

Postby My_cam » Sat Jan 06, 2018 11:32 am

I bought a real cheap Chinese PTZ camera and wanted it to work with iSpy. The camera has no
manufacturer information on it. On the box it is called "HD IP Camera", Mode "JK-HD43F223HE"
and Module "DM223HE". It has a web page that says: "Product Info: IPD-E14T08-BS series". This is
what it looks like:

It comes with a CD that has an application called CMS which did not work with the video stream
because it requires ActiveX which is not supported anymore. The PTZ function did work.

I wanted it to work with iSpy. The first thing was to get the video working. Doing some research
I found this site:
which had this URL:
I put that (with the correct IP address) in the FFMPEG (H264) video source URL . That got
the video working.

Next I wanted the PTZ function to work. I could find nothing online that helped. I downloaded
fiddler and ran it against Firefox while it talked to the camera. I noticed commands like
"panspeed=6" and "tiltspeed=6". I searched the PTZ configuration file for iSpy located at:
C:\Program Files\iSpy\XML\PTZ2.xml
Only one camera entry had those exact commands: the Floureon IPD-L26Y02-BS. I selected
that in the PTZ tab for Camera model and the PTZ function worked OK.

It all seems to work OK now.

Now for a few comments on the camera itself. The video is high resolution but the colors
seem a little funny but OK for a security camera. The removable part of the case is metal but the
base is plastic. This is no-way weatherproof or vandal proof! It is certainly not IP66. The dome
is part of the PTZ mechanism and rotates with the pan. If you were to grab the dome and twist it
you would easily break the gears inside. For an inside camera in a friendly location it is OK.
The best thing about the camera is that it is real cheap!

Hope this helps,

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