ADT: RC8025 Camera Help

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ADT: RC8025 Camera Help

Postby mgernaey » Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:57 am


I am replacing ADT with Bright House and that part went well, except now I am stuck with 10 cameras from ADT that don't work with Bright House. Currently my ADT Pulse system is still on, and I can see my camera(s) there if I let them go wireless.

I am very interested in using iSpy and happy to donate, if I can get this working.

1) I took one of the cameras, unplugged the power, then plug in an Ethernet cable to my router and turned on the camera
2) the camera gets an IP address from my DHCP server
3) If I unplug it, and let it go back wireless, it goes back to the pulse router
4) when it has an IP address on my network and I try to use iSpy, no matter what URL I use it doesn't work.
5) If I try to use the URL directly from IE I get an error (please see below). So I think it means.. the camera should be accessible
RTSP/1.0 404 Not Found Cseq: 0
These are the two URLs I try but the second prompts me for an app...

Things I am not sure of
A) Do I need to reset the camera somehow, as it only takes about WPS PIN / PBS Mode.. and I have no idea how I would configure that once I remove it from ADT...

B) The iSPy asks for a User Name, Password and Channel... But I never enter these things, unless they are programmed to use my ADT Password / UserName combo.. and I have tried this (leaving channel to 0) but no luck

I have 6 of these and 4 of the out door cameras.

Anyone get these to work? Clearly the software says it should work, but... I must be missing some steps and sorry I am having a hard time figuring them out.

Thanks very much! If I can get it working I will post a YouTube Video of how.. donate and brag the crap outta the software :-)


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Re: ADT: RC8025 Camera Help

Postby mgernaey » Thu Jul 16, 2015 6:18 am

************ SOLVED***************

All I needed to do was reset the camera and bingo it worked. I still have some work to do on configuring it properly as I'm only getting 2 FPS...

But once that is all done I will post what I did etc :-)


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Re: ADT: RC8025 Camera Help

Postby seattlebryce » Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:54 pm

Did you ever figure out everything. I'm trying to set up a RC8021w-adt with just ispy and using my hard drive as the destination for the video. I was able to log into the camera with the 192.168.128 login administrator and password blank but I couldn't get it to work with Ispy. I could see it in Ispy but I didn't know the channel to use and it never let me input a url. I ideas?

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Re: ADT: RC8025 Camera Help

Postby Oedi » Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:44 pm

Not sure if you still are trying to do this incase you are. I have been able to access all the configuration of the RC8025-ADT. Below is all the steps that I used.

1) Press down the reset button (on the left beside the FCC logo) for 20 second
2) Connect a LAN cable to the device and it will boot with DHCP
3) Work out the IP it got from the DHCP server
4) Goto http://<camera ip>/adm/enable_ui.cgi
5) when asked for login information use username administrator - blank password and then you will see “OK” on your screen
6) Goto http://<camera ip> and now you have access to the administration pages to set stuff.

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