Help me debug iSpy

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Help me debug iSpy

Postby Lord Beowulf » Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:07 am

Hi All,

I'm having trouble with a DirectShow (USB) camera crashing iSpy. The camera connects fine during the connection dialog, displaying the stream in the background. But as soon as I leave the dialog after configuring (including turning everything off) the capture modes, the stream stops and the frame per second counter starts dropping. If I press the disconnect button or leave and restart, iSpy crashes immediately. There's nothing in the iSpy log, and looking at the Windows log shows APPCRASH in NTDLL. It's preceeded by a number of perflib errors which seems to be a common reported behavior in other crash reports I've found online, but I haven't found anyone who has indicated what that might mean. At the NTDLL level, I'm suspecting it's driver related, but can't confirm. The camera driver works ok with other apps like AMCap, and works fine with iSpy as long as I never finish setting it up!

I tried downloading the source code so I could debug from Visual Studio, but it didn't help. Apparently whatever's crashing is outside the managed code and VS won't even show me a call stack to the error. Everything happens outside the IDE and even if I attempt to attach to the debugger from the Windows exception dialog, it doesn't work. Any thoughts on what the problem is or how to debug it. At a minimum if I could figure out appropriate places to put breakpoints and try to caliper where the crash occurs, that would help.



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