iSpy 64bit issues

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iSpy 64bit issues

Postby MrLAMCAM » Thu Aug 03, 2017 4:51 pm

So my server has been running flawlessly for months. I update after a week of any release, things are always good. EXCEPT for the last update. v6.8.2.0 chewed up 30% more cpu than before with same setup. Caused weird re-fresh issues when using the ispy software / app. un-responsive at times and just so damn slow I wanted to throw the server.

Now I know I was reaching a max with this server, but it was running 8 camera's just fine at 70-80% cpu usage. Now since I updated to the cpu was at 99% all the damn time and I couldnt even use windows.

So I decided to upgrade to another server and move my setup to a even more powerful dual xeon cpu with 16 cores rack mount real boy server with 64gb of ram and SSD drives for days. 70% CPU usage. - ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!

So I just uninstalled it, and installed the last version I know that worked. and everything is back to working 110%. Tested both old machine back to 70-80%. Turned that one off and used new machine 39% load. WTF happen? what did you break?

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Re: iSpy 64bit issues

Postby jlchaves » Sat Sep 02, 2017 5:09 am

Same experience here. Upgraded from to and the system became instantly unusable. Recording 5 cameras at 640x480 5fps to AVI+mpeg on default settings, although admittedly this is an old-ish system (Core2 Duo E7500 with 8GB RAM).

To make matters worse, the system is in a remote location, so I had to get someone to restart it and I had to quickly log in and terminate iSpy before it started to hog CPU again.

To be fair, recording DID work on, just that I could not log into the console over RDP etc. I might give it another go with process priority set to Normal.

Probably my fault for not testing exhaustively before deploying =)

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