Scout - Not using GPU for acceleration

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Scout - Not using GPU for acceleration

Postby warthog9 » Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:39 pm

Scout, as billed on the downloads page, looks to make better use of the GPU for processing. I'm assuming a combination of HW video decoding (ala --ffmpeg-hw), as well as using OpenCL/OpenCV for movement detection. However on a Windows 10 x86_64 system, with only an Intel graphics integrated gpu, I'm seeing little use of the GPU. GPU-Z shows about a 7-12% GPU utilization and at most 84M of ram used, while the cpu on a dual-core i5 w/ hyperthreading pegged at 100%. A similar system with an idle GPU hovers around 2-6%. The cpu load with scout also seems higher than with ispy and vlc with --ffmpeg-hw. It's not clear to me that Scout, right now, is actually using the GPU as described, but I'm not seeing anything relating to that so offering up a bug report:

- Win 10 x86_64
- i5-3470T
- 16GB RAM

GPU load to be substantially higher than when using ispy itself

GPU loads on par with ispy, no increase in framerates, and system load is not diminished.

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Re: Scout - Not using GPU for acceleration

Postby Shadders » Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:24 pm


In response to this, i cannot locate scout as a download.

I am assuming that scout provided hardware decoding (graphics card, FFMPEG library) of the MPEG stream as opposed to using the CPU only ???

My situation is as follows :

Old system Intel Core i5 dual core 661, integrated GPU but no quick sync. 8GB RAM, NVidia GTX650 graphics card, and Windows 8.1. I am also using an IP camera, with 1920x1080 setting for the resolution, constant bit rate of 6MB/s setting too. Also set to 15fps.

When i use iSpy, with the camera set to variable bit rate, there seems to be a lot of fluctuating in the movement detection bar, peaking at 15% with NO movement. When i set the camera to constant bit rate, this fluctuation stabilises to minimal - 1% to 2%.

When movement is detected, then there is 100% CPU utilisation of both CPU's, and as expected, the Windows 8.1 interface locks up at this utilisation.

Since Scout does not seem to be available then will iSpy be developed to use hardware or other library decoding/encoding of an IP camera stream ?

Will iSpy be offering this aspect as a single payment with 1 years updates option as opposed to the subscription provided for subscribers at this point in time (August 2017) ???

I have no use of any of the subscription features, just a standalone system, so no requirement for twitter, cloud, e-mail etc.

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