bug on adding ip camera none standard ports(ffmpeg)

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bug on adding ip camera none standard ports(ffmpeg)

Postby CompsJP » Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:18 am

If you happen to have ptz controls like I do,

step 1:
add your camera like you would do, even it dont add your custom port, add your port after it created.
step 2:
go into mjpeg tab put user and pass rtsp://user:pass@ to this username:user password:pass address this rtsp:// let it open, your ptz should now work.
step 3:
now you can go back to ffmpeg return using rtsp://user:pass@
and your ptz should still be working!
Note: IP address being yours though

sean theres a bug with adding cameras. -.- ptz does not follow ip line of camera very well i dont think it even follow ffmpeg at all...


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