Vivint wireless Ip cameras and vivint smart drive

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Vivint wireless Ip cameras and vivint smart drive

Postby getdownroofing » Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:13 am

Rece recently purchased a 4 camera Vivint system which consists of for IP cameras Vivint smart Drive 2 p o e injectors my question is is there any way to use the four cameras and smart Drive without having any type of Vivint affiliation or service in other words will or can my for IP cameras and smart Drive be visible through ISPY please help I am being told that I must have a Vivint alarm panel and a Vivint account and password I'm hoping I can hook up the four cameras and the smart Drive to my existing router and be able to see it through I Spy just was hoping somebody out there could give me some insight on how to do it best if at all possible thank you

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