HSmartcam HD345 Megapixel PZ Outdoor camera - fixing focus?

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HSmartcam HD345 Megapixel PZ Outdoor camera - fixing focus?

Postby lardconcepts » Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:01 pm

I purchased the following camera from AliExpress last time it was on sale.
https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Outdoor ... 92422.html

It says:
Product info:IPD-D41Y00-BS series

This camera seems to come under a multitude of names.

It has autofocus, but I want to just set focus and LEAVE IT at that focus. The problem is, it keeps re-focussing itself onto the wrong objects when it switches from night to day or back. There are two places you can control the PTZ - in the main "browse" window, there is the PTZ control, and same again in Setting > PTZ Function. I set the focus in either - I even set the focus as a preset, but still, it tries to automatically re-focus on rain, or fog, or a tree.

I have a feeling that if I could find another brand of this same camera, it might have an instruction manual in English!

PS - I put PZ and not PTZ because it doesn't tilt (not meant to).

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